Creating automation - Dimmer lamp

This instruction assumes that devices are already connected to the controller according to the instructionSwitch settings (button)

Note: Before setting up such automation, make sure that at least one dimmer lamp is configured in the system.


Create a new automation using Template

● In the Dashboard window, at the bottom right, you need to select Automation● To create a new automation, click on the icon “+”● In the list that appears, select Template



Select devices

A window with template options opens:● Choose a Dimmer bulb. In the next window, we see a brief description of automation and a list of all devices that can be involved in light dimming (switches and dimmer lamps)● By clicking on the "Pencil" icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you can specify the name of the automation● In the Button section, select the desired switch● In the section Dimmer bulb - the lamp to be controlled● After completing all the settings, click the "Save" icon


Note: In automations created by a template, the behavior and conditions are already defined (description at creation), so when creating automations it is enough to specify only the devices that participate in the automation of the template

Note: You can see the automation created in the Automation section, on the Template tab.

The result of the described steps:

Each time you press the selected switch, the selected lamp will change its state - turn on and off smoothly in turn. When holding the switch - the brightness will increase from 0 to 100%, and then - again gradually decrease to 0%.
For a dimmer lamp, you can create other automations with manual adjustment of parameters. For example Creating of automations (light switch)

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