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Open vacancies

AQA Engineer

We are looking for AQA Engineer, so if you want to be a part of a talented and experienced team, then join us to work on the future of home automation.

    Office only
    1+ year of experience
    Hot vacancy
  • Details

    Requirements:● 1+ years of experience with AQA;● 1+ years of experience with Python 3;● understanding of CI / CD systems (Jenkins, GitLab CI / CD);● knowledge of the PyTest framework;● experience in creating reports (including automatic);● analytical thinking;● experience with Git;
    ● writing automated tests;
    ● development and maintenance of a test framework for communication with devices;
    ● working closely with the FW development team;

    Will be a plus:● understanding of the operation and limitations of Embedded systems;● experience with network protocols (UDP, TCP / IP, MQTT);● experience with GNU/Linux;

C Embedded Engineer

We are looking for С Embedded Engineer, so if you like building projects from scratch, want to be a part of a talented and experienced team then join us to work on the future of home automation.

    Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil
    1+ year of experience
  • Details

    Requirements:● understanding of embedded electronics and its caveats; ● ability to read schematics and datasheets for components;● experience with embedded communication protocol SPI, I2C, UART, CAN etc;● knowledge of wireless (BLE, LoRa) and network (UDP, TCP/IP) protocols;● knowledge of Git;● experience with Linux, RTOS;
    Responsibilities:● Play a sufficient part in Embedded development team;
    ● Developing new code in C and C++ for embedded applications which work on bare metal and RTOS;
    ● Collaborate with cross-functional teams (mobile and automation teams);
    ● Support, maintenance, and refactoring of existing services and applications;
    ● Work alongside the software development team building a technical solution used across a variety of product lines;
    Will be a plus:● building IoT systems;● Python knowledge;● CI/CD, Unit testing;● experience with programming STM32, nRF, ESP32 or similar;● SW and HW debugging;

Hardware Engineer

We are looking for a hardware engineer to develop Smart Home controllers. Personal interest in electronics, automation, IoT, Smart Home is very welcome.

    Office or remote
    1+ year of experience
    Hot vacancy
  • Details

    Requirements:● Ability to read and understand technical documentation;● Understanding of analog and digital circuitry;● Ability to read and draw electrical diagrams;● Understanding the principles of electronic circuit elements: resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc;● Basic knowledge of microcontrollers;● Understanding of digital data transmission protocols (1-wire, spi, i2c, rs232, rs485);● Ability to work with electronic measuring instruments;● Experience in Kicad software environment (possibly Altium, PCAD, etc.): development of circuits and printed circuit boards;● Basic knowledge of English for reading documentation;
    ● Participation in the design and development of new devices;
    ● Drawing diagrams in Kicad environment;
    ● Development of printed circuit boards in the Kicad environment;
    ● Analyze and find solutions to improve our devices;

    Will be a plus:● Experience with microcontrollers STM32, ESP32;● Experience of programming on C;● Writing software for controllers;● Development, design of own electronic devices and circuits;


R&D Engineer

We are looking for an R&D engineer to work in the field of Smart Home, home automation. 

    1+ year of experience
  • Details

    Requirements:● Analytical mind, approach to tasks from an engineering point of view;● Read and understand technical documentation;● Knowledge of microcontrollers;● Understanding of analog and digital circuitry;● Know the basic interfaces and protocols of microcontrollers;● Understanding of 1-wire, spi, i2c, rs232, rs485 protocols;● Knowledge of Python / C;● Basic knowledge of Linux-based systems;● Basic understanding of building and operating networks;● Schemes prototyping skills: soldering, assembly, development of test firmware for controllers;● Knowledge of English at the level of reading documentation;
    Responsibilities:● Design and implementation of prototypes of various devices;● Writing technical documentation;● Testing of developed devices;● Research and detection of problems in circuits and devices​;● Creation of schemes and layout of boards in any of CAD (Kicad, PCAD, Altium, etc.);
    Will be a plus:● Personal interest in the topic of home automation;● Experience in the development, repair, configuration of electronic devices;● Experience in KiCad;● Experience with microcontrollers STM32, ESP32;


Product Marketing Manager

If you are a Product Marketing Manager who loves to do everything possible to improve the product, influence the development strategy on every part of the product life cycle, and be the part of the team that creates the future of automation, then welcome.

    Full or part-time
    Student friendly
  • Details

    Requirements:● Understanding how website CMS platforms work;● Experience with managing social media (Facebook and Instagram);● Understanding of Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager;● Analytical thinking;● Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing tools, strategies, and metrics;
    ● Website: keep our website up to date and work on improvements with the development team;
    ● Social Media: maintaining a convincing social media presence across all digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). Creating a content plan and collaborating with marketing peers to execute product-specific marketing campaigns and product features launches;
    ● Conduct researches;
    ● Marketing Collateral: oversee the creation of marketing materials to articulate the benefits of our products to the world;
    ● Measuring and reporting on the performance;

Supply manager, assembler

We are looking for the Supply manager - the team member that helps us always have everything on hand.

    Student friendly
  • Details

    Requirements:● Knowledge of:  1. Excel or Google sheets at a high level 2.1S or similar warehouse control apps● English language;● Honesty, diligence, responsibility, and efficiency;
    ● Search for suppliers;
    ● Ordering and receiving products;
    ● Warehouse control and accounting;
    ● Assembling and packing;
    ● Dispatching the products;
    ● Quality control;

    Will be a plus:● Driver license and a car ownership;● High level of English;● Knowledge in electronics and programming;● Experience in export-import operations;

Sales manager

We are looking for a best friend for our customers who will help them understand the features and benefits of the product and will give them joy and inspiration for the implementation of new projects.

We offer you the opportunity, together with i3 Engineering, to make people's lives more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient with home automation solutions.

Our Sales manager will work with integrators, installers, electricians, builders, and designers to familiarize them with the i3 Engineering automation solution. This includes consulting these professionals on how to use i3 Engineering technology to your advantage for private properties, for commercial premises: hotels, restaurants, greenhouses, and more.

    1+ year of experience
  • Details

    Requirements:● Sales experience in the construction industry, electrical engineering, sales to end consumers, and distributors;● Excellent communication skills: in person, on the phone, and in writing (including in social networks);● Willingness to travel;● Understanding the use of digital sales tools (working with social networks, and CRM systems);● And the main thing is to sell our equipment and achieve success.● Knowledge of English and/or another European language at a high level;● Experience in working with radio electronics (low current systems), in the technological field, and with teams of software developers as a plus;
    Responsibilities:● Maintain existing and establish new business relationships with distributors, builders, and other key customers;● Record calls, emails, and meetings to the CRM system to have an accurate, detailed file for each customer;● Prepare presentations, letters, and mailings and manage sales documentation;● Conduct online and offline product presentations;● Be client-oriented and study their needs to offer the optimal solution;● Look for additional opportunities to attract customers;● Inform partners about new offers and training courses;● Provide advice to potential clients on the use of "Smart Home" technology in their homes;● Perform additional duties as needed.

Client & Partner Success Manager

We are looking for a best friend for our customers and partners who will help us analyse our mistakes in working with them and become better.

    1+ year of experience
  • Details

    Requirements:● Experience of cooperation with developers, engineers, and product managers to create individual solutions;● Fantastic communication skills: in person, on the phone and in writing (including on social networks);● Interviewing skills and willingness to explore new opportunities;● A disposition to solve problems, experience in managing complex situations, including working with objections;● Understanding the use of digital marketing and sales tools;● Excellent organizational and time management skills;
    Responsibilities:● Collect feedback from our customers, partners regarding cooperation with us;● Collect feedback from our customers, partners on improving the technical functionality of devices;● Analyse sale conversations with partners and customers, offer ideas for improving interaction;● Advise clients and partners on new functionality;● Follow trends in the Smart Home world and prepare technical tasks to improve functional and services;● Propose new ideas for product development, as well as ideas for improving existing products;● To interview all clients and prepare posts for social networks;● Perform additional duties as needed
    Will be a plus:● Work experience with radio electronics (low current systems), in the tech field and with teams of software/hardware developers;● Knowledge of English and/or another European language at a high level

Tech Support Manager

We are looking for a specialist in the technical support department who is ready to provide our clients with first-class assistance. You should be interested in solutions in the fields of automation, IOT, Smart Home, be ready to learn about new products and constantly improve your technical knowledge.

    Full or part-time
    Student friendly
  • Details

    Requirements:● Understanding the principles of operation of hardware and software parts of Smart Home systems● Literate language● Responsibility and attention to detail● Stress resistance and analytical skills● Excellent communication skills● Desire to learn
    ● Receive and record requests from users
    ● Promptly respond to customer inquiries by phone, in messengers, by email
    ● Provide technical support, solve technical problems of clients (both integrators and end users)
    ● In case of involvement of other specialists - to control the process of solving the problem
    ● Systematize all issues and ways to solve them and on the basis of this information make suggestions for content for the knowledge
     Will be a plus:● Experience in home or industrial automation● Knowledge and understanding of the principles of engineering systems of the house (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical networks, lighting, water supply, security)

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