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iЗ Engineering

i3 Engineering - is an innovative company in the fields of Smart Home and Automation solutions manufacturing. We are a team of engineers united to make this world a better place, by bringing automation into everyone's daily life.
Our product - is a complete solution for Smart Home projects and business’s automation, which consists of our controllers mounted on a DIN-rail, software and mobile application.


We make our equipment with the widest functionality for our partners and end users, with maximum convenience in use, reliability, the largest selection of controllers to choose from and best value for money concept in mind.


We want to change people's perceptions of a comfortable home by becoming its standard. Home, family, time, care, rest, entertainment, moments, memories - this is what we want to put in the words Smart Home.

i3 logo concept (3 i visual combination)

iЗ Team

i - intelligence

i - innovation

i - integration


The team of engineers develops the concept and architecture of devices, designs printed circuit boards, integrates hardware and software and is engaged in thermal design / analysis and testing.


Software developers program in C / C ++ languages. They have experience with microprocessor and microcontroller architecture, real-time operating systems, basic protocols and network technologies.

Design and Prototyping

The Design team develops concept models and evaluates design at Solidworks, SketchUp, Fusion 360, and prints 3D prototypes using our own SLA and FDM printers. Also responsible for preparing for mass production, including negotiations with manufacturers.


Our development team is a group of highly qualified specialists who use the advanced Flutter framework in the development process. This allows us to get a cross-platform mobile application. We also use the Google Cloud Platform to achieve an effective level of security for our users' personal information.

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