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User functionality

We hear more and more about the Smart Home, the number of devices and ideas is growing every day, the main thing is to keep up with them. However, even for one smart device in your home, you will already need to install a mobile application, and this is not a problem, but if you have a few more smart devices from other manufacturers, you will already need several control applications. You may be wondering why the lamp that I turn on from the wall switch, needs a separate mobile application? Or why should I know about the temperature of the room or other sensor’s readings, if I have a smart home? Shouldn't he relieve me of that need?
That's right, automation systems will definitely take care of you and your home. So let's take a look on a few cases in which the mobile application from i3 Engineering will make your life even brighter.

Receive security notifications

If you have an unusual consumption of electricity or water in your home, the mobile application will be sure to notify you, and if necessary, the smart home system will also stop the water supply or turn off the appliance. If your home exceeds your carbon dioxide level, you will also be notified immediately.

Remote monitoring and control of devices

Imagine that you went to work and can't remember if the garage door was closed. With the help of the application you can check it and even if the mobile application shows that the gate is open, it will offer to close it.

Dashboard and rooms page screens

Home analytics

We strive to have more and more information, and the mobile application will prepare all the data you could only dream of. Graphs of electricity consumption, gas boiler operation, device usage statistics and much more. For example, according to the room heating schedule, you may notice that one of the rooms is heated much more often than the others, and this can be a good signal for you to conduct additional external insulation. And if you live in a private house, the system will be able to notify you in advance about filment level of the septic tank.

Wall control panel mode

You can install the tablet in a wall case, and our application will turn it into a real control center in your home. Viewing rooms with CCTV cameras, controlling devices, climate or ventilation control, locking the house - all these great features are now always at your fingertips. 

Tablet dashboard view
Choose device and choose action to create automation screens

Creating new rules for your home

We make complex things simple. Our application will help you to set up a whole chain of events when, for example, you enter your house: turn on your favorite lighting scene, close the curtains, turn on your favorite TV shows.

Remote climate control

Your house lives by your rules. Imagine: your home has a comfortable climate for you and your loved ones, and you have already forgotten about the routine settings of the microclimate, but today your parents suddenly arrived, and you need to start heating the guest room. Just two clicks in the mobile app, and the house has already started preparing the room for arrival by ventilating it and heating or cooling it to the required temperature.

Climate dashboard section and temperature sensor screens

Rearrangement of lighting devices

With the application from i3 Engineering you will be able to adjust the house operation settings based on any of your preferences. A few clicks, and the switch in the hallway will acquire new functionality. For example, if you press and hold the switch, the system will turn off all the lights in the house, or when you go for a walk, you will be able to turn off all the lights in the hallway. You can also easily turn on Christmas tree lights by double-clicking on the switch. Just connect them to any controlled outlet, and select the desired function in our application.

Granting permissions to manage the house to others

We have integrated the system of providing access to the house to other users. After a few taps, your guests will be notified on the phone, and they will be able to get all the benefits of the mobile application, and at the same timeenjoy the stay in your dream home.

Installation engineer functionality

Mobile application on the phone is a standard of high-quality innovative product that allows the customer to be almost always in touch with important things or events. The amount of information is constantly growing, the complexity of data visualization is becoming more complicated, so the developers are trying to make the application as simple and easy as possible, while clear and convenient for the end user.
In the field of automation of private buildings and industrial structures, the mobile application has become a real helper for the user, and is almost an integral part of the solution for the customer.
In its solutions, i3 Engineering offers a mobile application that aims to make life easier not only for the user but also for the integrator.

Easy pairing of new controllers

Configure the new controller in a few clicks in the mobile application by connecting it to a wired or wireless network. From now on, you don't need laptops, adapters or cables for the primary configuration. When you connect a new controller to the network, the application will automatically detect it and allow you to configure it in a convenient and fast way.

Remote user assistance

The application will always help to remotely solve most of the requests or whims of the client. Change settings or automations? No worries. You can also help localize most of the problems that the user may have. For example, to report that the lamp or the light bulb has failed, and questions to the hardware part of the controller are eliminated.

Automation collapsed and extended cards on automation page screens

Creating automations, scenes or scenarios

We have created an application so simple that a new automation will be created in a few seconds. And not only a novice engineer, but also a homeowner will be able to cope with such a task. Our application will help with tips and suggestions, and the pleasure of setting up new rules for the house will be remembered by you forever..

Settings wizard

Automation is most often used to improve the operation of heating systems, ventilation, outdoor automations and other important tasks. To configure such systems, you need to use accurate formulas for calculation and configuration. Our mobile application will save you the hassle of setting up various solutions, such as a three-way valve, PID thermostat, adding a hysteresis value and much more.

Device manager and unit menu screens
Port settings and IN5 config pages screens

Simplified device identification

Now you don't need to operate with terms like IN 1 or OUT 12. We approach the configuration of the house on behalf of the end device. If you set the type, name of the device and tied it all to the room, you will no longer see ambiguous signatures or names in the mobile application. Garage doors, Temperature in the kitchen, Recuperation,Underfloor heating in the living room. Regardless of which device on the network the user device is connected to and how, you will see it in a single list in the application with an obvious name, making it easier to create automations, scenes or scenarios.

Applacation access levels

Our mobile application implements different levels of user access. This means that the privacy of user data is completely secure, as the user/owner has their own level of access to settings and monitoring, and integrators - their own. After home configuration by the integrator - the user simply disables access for the integrator, and if you need to re-or additional configuration, access can be granted again. Say NO tosingle login type - admin /12345.

Home settings and invitation page screens

Device analytics

Receive device reports and notifications. For example, excessive CPU usage, insufficient cooling or ventilation of the elctrical box, overloading the device ports. Customer care is very important, because a satisfied customer is the key to success.

Simplified setup of digital or analog devices

From now on, you don't have to worry about the address of 1-wire devices, because when connected, it will be automatically detected and you can immediately use it in automations or scenarios. We tried to rid you of unnecessary work to configure popular devices. We believe that we succeeded.

Test mode for integrator

Test the physical connection to the controller using test mode. No settings are required to check the activity of the input or output port. And even if you have problems with the settings, the interaction with the switch or motion sensor will immediately tell you all the automations that involve the above devices.

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