i3 Home Kit

This is a comprehensive and profitable solution for creating a smart home.
Technologies that will ensure comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your home — all in one box.

Use the i3 Home Kit


● Lighting with brightness adjustment - 5 groups;● Non-dimmable lights - 4 groups;● Heating - 4 zones;● Air conditioning - 2 zones;● Ventilators in bathrooms- 1 zone● Outlets - 2 groups.


● Flood - 2 zones;

In addition:

● Remote control using a mobile application;● Sonos multimedia integration;● Control using voice assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa;● Improve energy efficiency.

€ 839


● Delivery to any point

Quick and easy setup

● Configurable controller
● Configuring using a smartphone
● Possibility to expand the system


Warranty and service

● 5-year warranty
● Technical support
● Service maintenance

i3 Home Kit is a ready-made solution for home and commercial automation and includes the most popular smart home functions. With this kit, you have the opportunity to make automation for a two-room apartment or a small house.

Wire technology guarantees uninterrupted operation of systems and is installed at the stage of construction, repair or renovation of housing.

i3 Home Kit


Atom Oxygen N controller

It will provide control of the climate, lighting and security of your apartment. Integrate devices from other manufacturers.

  • 1. 16 inputs for connecting sensors of temperature, air quality, leakage or switches for control and monitoring;2. 12 x 5A relay for connecting electrical appliances;3. 5 х AC dimmers.

Sensors, reed switches and thermal printheads

They have compact forms and are practically invisible to outsiders.

  • ● Temperature sensors - 4 pcs.
    ● Temperature and humidity sensor - 1 pc.
    ● Reed switches - 3 pcs.
    ● Motion detectors - 2 pcs.
    ● Flood detectors - 2 pcs.
    ● Danfoss thermal printheads - 4 pcs.
    ● Power supply unit - 1 pc.

Basic features you'll get right out of the box



Smart lighting allows users to remotely control their lighting fixtures and automate them based on schedules or other factors such as motion detection, time of day, or creating an atmosphere for work and recreation.


Climate control

Multi-zone climate control with a combination of different types of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Smart thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature according to the user's preferences or schedule, helping to save energy.



The mobile application sends users real-time notifications about the status of their home, and allows remote monitoring and control of all the systems. Flood detection and motion detection. Presence effect.


Remote control

Users can remotely monitor the status of their home, including temperature, energy consumption, security alerts and other data, using a mobile app.


Voice control

Smart home systems can be controlled using voice commands and virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Multimedia Integration

● Creating automation.
● Synchronization of music.
● Manage Sonos speakers.


Energy saving

Climate and lighting control:
● In the absence of residents.
● When ventilating.
● When motion is detected or absent.

Advantages of i3 Home Kit


Everything is set

The i3 Home Kit consists of a customized controller and sensors. All you have to do is connect sensors and other devices to the controller and set up automations and scenarios using the i3 Home App.


Reliability and warranty

Wired technology guarantees uninterrupted operation of systems. Online support provides answers to all questions that arise. We provide a 5-year warranty on the Atom Oxygen N controller.

Connect common devices

All peripherals, such as switches, luminaires, or thermostats, can be of any design, price segment, or manufacturer, because we are the ones who make them smart.


Easy extension

Need more? Expand your system with other Atom controllers and get even more possibilities.

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 i3 Home Kit

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€ 839

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