YARMICH Boutique 

2023 - Commercial real estate - Boutique


YARMICH, the home of men's classic clothing, is a place where you can experience true elegance and style. The brand is known for its attention to detail, sophistication and impeccable fit. By visiting the YARMICH boutique in Lviv, you will have the opportunity not only to find the perfect image for any occasion, but also to enjoy the latest technological advances in the field of automation.


The boutique automation system is built around the i3 Engineering Atom Oxygen N controller and the Atom I21 Extentsion Module with the Input PCB 22 board.

One of the functions controlled by our system consists in automatically changing the brightness of the lighting in the fitting room depending on the presence of the client inside or in front of it. If no one is there, the brightness of the light is reduced to 20%. However, as soon as the customer approaches, the system automatically increases the brightness to 100%.

The i3 Engineering system also includes integration with the popular Home Assistant and Google Home platforms for voice control. For example, you can start the process of making coffee with the phrase “Hey Google, make a cappuccino”.

Using the integration of Atom controllers with Google Nest "smart" speakers, we have acheived a voice greeting to a visitors entering the boutique and a voice farewell to a visitor already leaving the boutique.

The i3 Engineering automation system helps create a comfortable atmosphere for customers, providing a special effect of individual service and a sense of customer importance that emphasizes the exclusivity of the boutique.


Atom OxygenThe perfect solution for automating a small home! It will provide control of the climate, lighting and security of your apartment.More
Atom I21Designed to increase the number of input ports in the system.More
Input PCBAn additional optional board of inputs to implement the connection of sensors and switches to expansion modules.More

Where to buy

Despite the easy configuration process thanks to the i3 Home App, a wired automation solution requires some technical skills in wiring, installing engineering systems and experience in installing various peripheral devices. That is why we recommend entrusting the development and installation of the Smart Home system only to certified i3 Engineering installers in your region. We can also provide training for your electrician or installation organization.

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