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2021 - Commercial real estate - Office


i3 Engineering - is an innovative company in the fields of Smart Home and Automation solutions manufacturing. We are a team of engineers united to make this world a better place, by bringing automation into everyone's daily life.


Our company implemented the Smart Office project, the purpose of which was to provide comfortable working conditions for employees and increase their productivity. We used a wide range of equipment including Atom Hydrogen ND, Hydrogen, Ferrum and 2 Magnesium controllers, LED lamps and lights, dimmable LED lights, RGB LED strips, motorized curtains, temperature, humidity, CO2 and motion sensors.
Using automation system brings many advantages. It provides energy monitoring and energy saving, as engineering equipment automatically reacts to changing conditions and optimizes its operation. For example, temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors monitor the indoor climate, providing comfortable working conditions. Motion sensors turn on the light when an employee enters the room, and motorized curtains in combination with lighting sensors maintain the required level of illumination in the premises throughout the day.
Ease of setup is provided by the i3 Home mobile application, which allows you to control all office functions from a smartphone, tablet, voice commands or by schedule. It is convenient and allows employees to adjust parameters according to their needs and creates a comfortable environment that contributes to improved working conditions and increased productivity.


Hydrogen ND та HydrogenThe set of multifunction inputs and modular architecture of outputs allow to use this controller to solve any technical problems, even if these tasks provide periodic change of types of input signals and types of loads. Change the configuration of outputs and inputs in real time without any tools.More
FerrumThe ideal solution for controlling powerful and inductive loads, such as lighting groups, pumps, fans, electric motors, controlled sockets.More
MagnesiumCompact universal controller for home and industrial automation. It is best suited for small scale automation projects or for engineering networks, where the main control channel is the RS-485 interface with the Modbus protocol. It can also be used to increase the number of inputs in large systems.More

Where to buy

Despite the easy configuration process thanks to the i3 Home App, a wired automation solution requires some technical skills in wiring, installing engineering systems and experience in installing various peripheral devices. That is why we recommend entrusting the development and installation of the Smart Home system only to certified i3 Engineering installers in your region. We can also provide training for your electrician or installation organization.

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