Industrial greenhouses
Ukraine, Ternopil

2023 - Industrial automation - Agribusiness


Organize monitoring of climate and soil conditions. Automate equipment management to ensure the best conditions for plant growth and optimal use of resources.

The automation system for greenhouses is based on Atom i3 Engineering controllers and ensures efficient plant growth.
Automation monitors the temperature, humidity and CO2 level in the air inside the greenhouse. According to the received data, our controller, controlling the three-way valves of the heating system and the ventilation system, by automatically opening or closing the transoms, provides optimal climatic conditions for plant growth.
By monitoring the light level and controlling the lighting, the right level of light is provided for the plants.
The system monitors soil parameters by analyzing pH, temperature, moisture, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to ensure appropriate fertilization during irrigation.
Monitoring external conditions using a weather station helps to adapt the system taking into account the external environment.
In addition, the system controls various parts of the greenhouse, including motors for pumping air between the films of the two-layer greenhouses, servomotors of transoms, the motor and the three-way valve of the irrigation system. The result is the largest harvest thanks to the optimal conditions for plant growth provided by the "Smart Greenhouse". 


Features and devices

● Ukraine
● Ternopil
● Greenhouses
● Area: 500 m2

● Climate control
● Soil parameter monitoring
● Irrigation management
● Energy consumption monitoring and control
● External conditions monitoring
● Control of greenhouse elements and mechanisms




Where to buy

Despite the easy configuration process thanks to the i3 Home App, a wired automation solution requires some technical skills in wiring, installing engineering systems and experience in installing various peripheral devices. That is why we recommend entrusting the development and installation of the Smart Home system only to certified i3 Engineering installers in your region. We can also provide training for your electrician or installation organization.

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