0-10V interface settings

This instruction assumes that devices are already connected to the controller according to the instructionConnection of 0-10V (1-10V)


Go to the controller settings

To configure the output ports, you must first go to the controller settings:
● Go to Menu - Device Manager● Select the desired controller from the list and click Setup


Note: Output with 0-10V interface is implemented using a 10D Changeable module in the Atom Hydrogen controller!


Configure output ports

● Select Ports and Interfaces and go to the OUT 1-10 tab● On the OUT1-10 output ports tab, the controller outputs are shown as separate cards


Note: The output numbers on the cards are the same as the physical outputs on the front of the controller.


Select the type of peripheral device

● Select the icon that indicates 10D Module● In the settings window, select "What is connected?"● Specify the Device type (eg fan, thermal head, etc.)



Choosing a room

● In the field "Where the device is located" you can specify the location of the sensor● If you need to add a new room, click on the "+" icon located in the upper right corner of the screen, assign a name to the new room, set its type and click on the Save icon 


Note: If you leave this field blank, the location of the peripheral device will be displayed as "not specified", and the Dashboard window will indicate that it is located in the room "----------".


Name the device

● Return to the settings window of the selected output port.● In the Name field, for convenience, you should specify the name of the device by which you can uniquely identify it.● Click the Save icon


Note: If the device name is not specified, the system will assign the default name.

The result of the described steps:

● Configured device with 0-10V interface.● You can see this device by going to the Dashboard tab.● It will also be available in the What to control when creating or editing Automations.

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