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i3-9input-ethernet is a module of input wired interfaces with support for Ethernet connection, which is an integral part of Atom controllers. Used to connect sensors, switches, devices with digital interfaces and for Ethernet connection of the controller to the network. Installs instead of Input board.

Only for STM32!

- Number of multifunction inputs: 9

Multifunction inputs modes:
1. Digital input
- input voltage range
0 - 3.3V
2. Digital output
- output voltage range
0 - 3.3V
3. Digital interface
- 1-Wire, I2C, UART
4. Digital input in optocoupler mode (selected with a jumper under the face panel)
- input voltage range
0 - 5V
5. Analog input (IN3 - IN9)
- Input voltage range
0 - 3.3V

An RJ-45 connector with operation status indicators is provided on the board to connect the controller to the wired network. The operation of the wired network interface is provided by a set of pcbs: i3-input-ethernet + i3-networkbridge-lora, or i3-input-ethernet + i3-networkbridge.