Beauty salon in Wroclaw, Poland

2023 -Commercial property


Create a lighting management system for a beauty salon that provides various lighting scenarios for maximum visitor comfort.

A next-level beauty salon in Wroclaw. Thanks to an innovative system from our company, this oasis of beauty is transformed into a place where the perfect atmosphere prevails.
The heart of the system is the powerful Atom Neon controller in combination with the Atom R4DD8 expansion module. Together, they provide full control over all lighting groups in the salon. For maximum safety, all lighting operates at a low voltage of 24 volts.
The system allows you to create stunning lighting effects by adjusting the brightness of the lamps, controlling RGB LED strips and furniture lights. But the most important thing is the ability to customise a variety of lighting scenarios:● Morning energy: Bright, white light to boost energy and mood in the morning, so customers feel refreshed and ready to start the day.● Relaxing atmosphere: Dimmed, warm light with the option to add a smoke effect to create a calm and soothing atmosphere during treatments and relaxation.● Ambient lighting: Mixed lighting with different colour tones to create a pleasant and stylish atmosphere in different areas of the salon.● Spa lighting: Dimmed, soft light with the option to add colour therapy effects for maximum relaxation during massages and other spa treatments.
Now the salon always has an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, and every visit becomes a relaxation for body and soul.


Features and devices

● Poland● Wroclaw● Beauty salon

Controls:● LED strips● Low-voltage LED lamps● Furniture lamps
● Control and monitoring of energy consumption




Where to buy

Despite the easy configuration process thanks to the i3 Home App, a wired automation solution requires some technical skills in wiring, installing engineering systems and experience in installing various peripheral devices. That is why we recommend entrusting the development and installation of the Smart Home system only to certified i3 Engineering installers in your region. We can also provide training for your electrician or installation organization.

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