Varshavska Apartment 

2023 - Private property - Apartment 


The design of the apartment located on Varshavska Street in Lviv is modern, functional, and meticulously thought out down to the smallest detail. Special attention has been given to lighting, which plays a key role in creating atmosphere and ensuring comfort. Every decision has been carefully made with practicality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency in mind.


For the implementation of the Smart Home system in the two-bedroom apartment, we have used the following controllers: Atom Helium + R12, Atom Helium + DCD12, and Atom Argon. These controllers are high-performance, reliable, and easy to configure.
Our controllers allow complete control of the lighting at any moment, creating the perfect ambiance for work, relaxation, or entertainment. Residents can enjoy vibrant LED strips, adjust the lighting with regular or dimmable bulbs, automatically activate lights upon motion detection, and utilize automation that simulates occupancy in the apartment. Additionally, during the holiday season, special atmospheres can be created using decorative lights.
The control of power outlets in the Smart Home system opens up countless possibilities. For example, automatically turning off electrical devices when all occupants leave the premises, except for selected outlets connected to appliances like refrigerators or climate control systems. It is also possible to schedule the activation or deactivation of specific devices and remotely control the outlets through a mobile application.
Clients also have the ability to control motorized curtains, allowing them to easily adjust the level of lighting and privacy in their apartment. For instance, setting up curtain schedules for specific times of the day when more natural light is desired or ensuring privacy at certain times.
Motorized curtains also enhance energy efficiency in the living space. They can be programmed to automatically open when the sun is shining brightly, providing natural illumination and reducing the need for artificial lighting. In winter, open curtains can help heat the room, while closed curtains prevent excessive heat gain in the summer.
The multi-zone climate control is implemented using temperature sensors, which provide information to the controller, allowing it to manage underfloor heating or air conditioning units via the Modbus protocol. This provides energy savings, comfort, scheduling flexibility, and different operating modes.
Our controllers not only ensure comfort, but also guarantee safety. When combined with flood sensors and servo drives, the premises are fully protected against water leaks in the bathroom and kitchen.
Residents can also enjoy high-quality sound and immersive movie experiences with the integrated Sonos 5+1 audio system and home theater setup.
One key aspect of our controllers is their ability to integrate with an Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) system. This ensures seamless operation and protection of the energy system within the premises, limiting the overall consumption to 3 kilowatts when switching to emergency power, thus providing uninterrupted functionality.
Implementing the Smart Home system in the two-bedroom apartment using our innovative controllers maximizes comfort, safety, and energy efficiency in the living space. You gain full control over lighting, climate, security, and entertainment in your home.


Atom Helium + R12A universal solution for lighting and climate control. Change the brightness of the lamps (up to 300W per channel), or control the speed of fans and other AC motors. Also suitable for controlling devices such as garage doors, motorized blinds, electric locks, pumps, actuators, boilers and others.More

Atom Helium + DCD12A comprehensive solution that fits best for controlling different types of lighting devices. In addition to light control, it is perfect for controlling devices such as garage doors, electric locks, pumps, actuators and others.More

Atom ArgonIdeal for controlling a large number of low-power loads: thermal heads, devices with dry contact inputs (garage doors, impulse blinds), intermediate relays, emergency lighting, electric locks and more.More

Where to buy

Despite the easy configuration process thanks to the i3 Home App, a wired automation solution requires some technical skills in wiring, installing engineering systems and experience in installing various peripheral devices. That is why we recommend entrusting the development and installation of the Smart Home system only to certified i3 Engineering installers in your region. We can also provide training for your electrician or installation organisation.

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