i3 Home Configuration


Install the i3 Home application

● Download the i3 Home app for Android or iOS● Install the application with all the necessary permissions


Create an account

Once launched, the application offers to Create an account to log in


Note: In case of loss of the password, instructions on how to restore access will be sent to this address


Scan for nearby devices

● Turn on the power of the controller● Log in the application and click Go to settings on the Dashboard● Provide access to geodata in the application and make sure that geolocation is enabled in the phone (required for Bluetooth search)● As a result of the search, the devices next to the phone will be displayed on the screen



Device identification (optional step)

You can use the Detect function - the indicator on the device will start flashing - you can give it a name so that you can easily find the device you want later in the settings. (Convenient if there are many Atom controllers in the system)
Give Device names to controllers



Create a PIN code

● In the device list window, click Network setup● You will be prompted to create a PIN


Important! Remember the PIN Code - without it in the future it will be impossible to reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection and connect the device to another home. It is not possible to reset the PIN code without contacting the service center


Connect to the network

● Connect to a network (Wi-Fi or LAN)
If there is a technical possibility, the best option is to connect to a wired network.
● If you are connecting to a wireless network, wait until the process of scanning for available networks is completed● Select the desired network from the list provided and enter the password to connect 


Important! Hidden Wi-Fi networks and 5GHz networks are not available for connection!

Important! A DHCP server must be configured on the router to automatically issue an IP address.


Access to the cloud server

● Give access to the Cloud
Access to the cloud - is a connection to an active house. If the device has previously been connected to another house, this step will move it to the active house.
Access to the cloud - is a connection to an active house. If the device has previously been connected to another house, this step will move it to the active house.


Important! If you do not provide access to the cloud, further operation of the devices will be impossible.


Go to the date and time settings menu

● In Device Manager, click the Setup button on any device● In the menu, click Time zone and location
Date and time settings are important, as all automations that run on schedule will be performed according to the time set on the controller



Set the date and time of the controllers

If the time zone is different from the current one (it will be displayed in red) - select the desired one from the drop-down list or turn on the option Use phone’s timezone


Note: You do not need to configure each device on the network, when setting the time zone for one of the devices - the date and time are set for all. The time zone will be saved automatically when pressed and will not change later without manual reset.


Setting up users in the house(optional step)

● Return to Dashboard and go to the Main menu● Select Home Settings● Optionally specify the Name and Address of the house (convenient if you want to control devices in different houses from one application)● In order for other users to be able to manage the system - add them to the list and set their access levels:- Administrator - maximum access level- Integrator - settings of ports, networks, creation of automations and scripts, remote access- User - remote access, manual control of configured devices, use of configured automations and scripts


Important! You can only add users who have installed the i3 Home application and created their account. Only Administrator can add new users.

The result of the described steps:

● You will have created: an account, a house, assigned controllers to the house.● You can then proceed to configuring ports (create end devices) and creating automations (set up interaction between end devices).

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