Thermostat setting (display of historical data)

For convenience of observation and analysis of the thermostat operation in the mobile application the menu of the expanded information is provided.

Go to the advanced information menu:

● Find the desired thermostat in the Dashboard window, or in the Automation window, in the Thermostat tab.
● Hold down the thermostat card and enter the advanced information menu


In the window that opens, you can select several blocks of information:


● Clicking on "three dots" (Configuration) will open a menu where, if necessary, you can change the thermostat settings



● Number of scenarios using a thermostat● The number of rules that use the set thermostat each day in the thermostat schedule is a separate rule, so if you have a weekly schedule set up, you will already have seven automation rules.● Ability to add a thermostat to other automations


Historical data in the form of graphs:

● Data period● Graph of the real temperature in the room● Graph of change of the set value of temperature● Schedule of operation of the corresponding executive device (for example, thermal heads)


Note: By clicking on the Data Submission Period, you can set the desired time frame for the graph display.

Thermostat information:

● The name of the thermostat● Thermostat type icon● The current value of the room temperature● The set temperature value


Swipe up the name of the thermostat to open the bottom menu curtain with additional fields:

● Field for changing the set temperature value● View schedule - menu for viewing and changing the schedule of the thermostat● Recent events are timestamps of changing the set temperature


Manual switching on / off of the thermostat:

● The button for manually switching the thermostat on or off is located at the bottom of the page.


Important! When the thermostat is switched off, it will be inactive. This will disable the control of the corresponding peripheral device, which will stop the process of automatic climate control. You can turn the thermostat on or off either by pressing the specified button or using automation.

Note: Turning off the thermostat will not affect the mode and schedule of other thermostats, and the thermostat will be turned on schedule if the corresponding schedule is set.

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