Configuration of Sonos Acoustic System in the i3 Home App

The i3 Home app supports control of Sonos acoustic systems.

To set up the corresponding integration, you need to install the Sonos app. Afterward, create an account, connect music services, and configure playlists.


Adding an integration

● Open the i3 Home app.
● From the menu, select Sonos Integration. ● Click on Sign in. ● In the next window, press Continue.



Integration with i3 Engineering

● Enter your login and password to access your Sonos account.
● Confirm the permissions for controlling the acoustic system.
● Return to the i3 Home app.



Completion of Synchronization

● Wait for the synchronization to complete.
● Press Understood.



Control of Acoustic Systems

● On the dashboard, in the Multimedia section, a card for the acoustic system will appear.
● By long-pressing on it, you can access a window with extended information for convenient control.
● For comprehensive control within the i3 Home app, you can set up automations involving the acoustic system.


The result of the described steps:

Now you can control Sonos acoustic systems both from the dashboard and through automations. You can switch tracks, turn the sound on and off, pause and resume music playback, and adjust the volume level based on different conditions.

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