Setting up Google Assistant

You can use the Google Assistant service to implement voice control of devices.
To set up the integration, you need to install the Google Home app. The user can create a house and rooms in it immediately after installation, or already in the process of setting up the integration.


Adding an integration

● Open the Google Home app● Click the “+” in the upper left corner of the page● Select Configure device● Select Works with Google



 Integration with i3 Engineering

● In the list that opens, select i3 Engineering● Enter your username and password to access your i3 Engineering account● Confirm access for integration



Adding devices to the home

● Select the desired device from the list● Long press to go to its settings● Select Add to room● Select an existing House or create a new one, click Next



Assign devices to rooms

● Select a Room from the proposed list or create a new one, click Next


Repeat steps 3-4 to configure placement of other devices.

Important! If you don't assign devices to rooms, they will appear as associated with the account, but they won't be controllable from the Google Assistant interface.

The result of the described steps:

Now you can control devices not only from the i3 Home application, but also from Google Home, including using voice commands, indicating the device and the action it should perform. In addition, it is very convenient to use "smart" Google Nest or Google Nest Mini speakers for voice control.

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