Creation of automations for lighting control by schedule

Let's create automation in which RGB-strip with a certain brightness and colour will be turned on every day at 19-00.


Create a new automation

● In the Dashboard window, at the bottom right, you need to select Automation● To create a new automation, click on the icon “+”● In the list that appears, select Automation



Select devices

A window opens with a list of all devices configured in the system:● By clicking on the "pencil" icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you can specify the name of the automation● In the section All conditions, select Schedule● In the section Events - RGB-strip that you want to control● Then click on the "arrow" in the lower right corner of the screen and go to the automation settings



Schedule settings

● In the schedule settings, select Repeated event● Specify the period of repetition Every day● Set the exact Switching time



Adjust the RGB strip settings when turning on

● In With what to manage section from the drop-down list, select Enable and specify parameters● Specify the brightness and colour of the strip when turned on


The result of the described steps:

RGB strip with adjusted brightness and colour will be turned on every day at 19:00

Important: For proper operation, you need to configure the automation to turn off the strip at a certain time. To do this, create automation according to the same algorithm, specifying the desired shutdown time and the option to Turn off in the RGB strip settings.

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