Creating automation: Flood protection

Automation settings: Shut off the water supply when a leak is detected

Note: This example involves the use of a ball valve servo with an auto-closing function. For servo drives with phase switching or changing the polarity of the control signal, the algorithm will be different!


Advanced electric ball valve configuration

● In the controller settings, you must select the Output to which the ball valve servo is connected and configured● Select the Gear icon (advanced settings)● Choose Invert● Click Save


Important! Control signal inversion is required to simplify the setup process. In this case, when the controller is connected to the servo, voltage will be automatically applied and it will open the water supply. If the leak sensor is triggered, the voltage will be switched off and the servo will cut off the water supply.


Create a new automation

● In the Dashboard window, at the bottom right, you need to select Automation● To create a new automation, click on the icon “+”● In the list that appears, select Automation



Select devices

A window opens with a list of all devices configured in the system
● By clicking on the "Pencil" icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you can specify the name of the automation● In the section All conditions, select the desired Water leak sensor● In the section Events - Servomotor that has to be activated● Then click on the "Arrow" in the lower right corner of the screen and go to the automation settings



Configure automation

● For the sensor, select an event from the list (for example, Leakage detected)● For servo - how to react to leak detection (e.g. Close)● After completing all the settings, click the "Save" icon


The result of the described steps:

Each time a leak is detected, the servo will turn off the power supply. As a result, the water supply will be cut off. After eliminating the cause of the leak, the water supply can be restored by clicking on the servo card on the Dashboard.

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