Configuiration of RGB/RGBW LED strips

This instruction assumes that the LED strip is already connected to the controller according to the instruction Connecting LED strips (RGB, CCT, RGBW)


Go to the controller settings

To configure the output ports, you must first go to the controller settings:● Go to Menu - Device Manager● Select the desired controller from the list and click Setup



Configure the output ports

● Select the Ports and interfaces item and go to the OUT 1 -.... tab● On the tab of output ports OUT1 -... the outputs of the controller are shown in the form of separate cards● Select the icon of the desired output


Note: The designations of the input numbers on the cards coincide with the designations of the physical outputs on the front panel of the controller.


Select the type of LED strip

● In the login settings window, select "What is connected?"● Specify the type of the strip● After this step, additional cards will appear in the output settings menu according to the number of control channels. The first selected port will be configured to control the red channel (R)● In these cards we specify the numbers of outputs to which the corresponding channels of a tape are connected● You can save the configuration by specifying only one channel. Then it will be possible to control only one channel


Note: In this way, you can configure the control of LED strips not only in controllers with fixed outputs, but also with the use of changeable DCD modules in Atom Hydrogen controllers.

Important! Multicolour strip control outputs can only be combined within a single controller.


Advanced LED strip settings

● Select the "gear" icon (advanced settings)
Here you can specify the value:
- invert - change the polarity of the control signal- crequency - the frequency of signal modulation- number of color gradations - the number of brightness levels of each color (0-255)- fade - the time of smooth attenuation / illumination of the tape when turned off / on
● Save the settings by clicking on the icon and return to the settings window of the selected input port


Note: The settings of the advanced settings are same to all channels of the tape


Choosing a room

● In the "Where the device is located" field, you can specify the location of the connected strip● If you need to add a new room, click on the "+" icon located in the upper right corner of the screen, assign a name to the new room, set its type and click on the Save icon


Note: If you leave this field blank, the location of the LED strip will be displayed as "not specified", and the Dashboard window will indicate that it is located in the room "----------".


The name of the strip

● We return to the settings window of the selected output port● In the name field, for convenience, you should specify the name of the LED strip, by which you can uniquely identify it● Click the Save icon


Note: If you do not specify the name of the LED strip, the system will assign a default name.

The result of the described steps:

● Create an LED strip connected to specific outputs, with a user-specified name and basic settings.● You can see this device by going to the Dashboard’s Lighting tab. It will also be available in the section What to manage when creating or editing automations.

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