Addressable RGB/RGBW LED strips configuration

These instructions assume that the LED strip is already connected to the controller according to the instructions Connecting addressable LED strips


Go to controller settings

To configure the output ports, first go to the controller settings:
● Go to Menu - Device Manager● Select the desired controller from the list and click Configure



Output ports configuration

● Select the Ports and interfaces and go to the OUT 1-... tab.● On the OUT1-... output ports tab, the controller outputs are shown as separate cards.● Select the icon of the desired output


Please note: The numbers of inputs on the cards match the numbers of the physical outputs on the front panel of the controller.


Selection of the type of LED strip

● In the input settings window, select "Strip settings"● Specify the type of a strip● Select the Order of RGB (-W) channels● Indicate the number of LEDs (pixels) in the connected tape● Click "Check"


Please note: After pressing the "Check" button, the first and last pixels in the strip will light up in purple, and all the remaining LEDs will cycle through the colors according to the image in the app. To end the test - click "Finish"


Lighting zones configuration

● Return to the port configuration menu● Select the "Lighting zones" icon● To create a new lighting zone - press "+"● Select the "Backlight" zone type● In the next window, you need to specify the numbers of the first and last LEDs of the zone● Specify the name of the lighting zone and assign a room.



Dynamic effects configuration

● Return to the port configuration menu● Select the "Effect Settings" icon● To adjust the parameters of each of the effects, click on the card of the desired effect● In these settings, it is possible to set the effect activation time, direction, duration and other parameters


Please note: If you do not specify the name of the LED strip, the system itself will assign a default name.

The result of the described steps:

● Creating segments of an addressable LED strip, with a name specified by the user and with basic settings.. 
● You can see these devices (segments) by going to the Dashboard-Lighting tab. It will also be available in the What to control section when creating or editing automations.

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