Types of devices that can be connected to multifunctional inputs

One of the features of Atom series controllers are multifunctional input ports:
● digital● digital with optocoupler● analog● interface (1-wire)

List of currently available devices when configuring inputs:
● Light sensor - analogue device (photoresistor)● Button - key without position locking (doorbell type)● Switch - a traditional switch with 2 fixed positio● Motion sensor - a typical device used in security systems. As a rule, it has a "normally closed" output● Door / window opening sensor - magnetic contact (reed switch). As a rule - "normally closed" Leak sensor - a water detector on the surface. There are models in the form of 2 contacts (analogue), or with the built-in scheme of detection and indication of a condition● Smoke detector - a device for fire detection. As a rule, it has a "normally closed" output● Temperature sensor - analogue sensors (thermistors) NTC, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000● 1-wire bus (for connecting DS18B20 digital temperature sensors)

You can select the desired option in the login settings menu:


Multifunctional inputs in Atom series controllers (3U and 6U) have two operating modes that can be selected by jumpers:● Direct connection, commonly used with devices with digital interfaces (1-Wire) and devices with analogue output (temperature and light sensors)● With optocoupler (3U and 6U only), it is usually used to connect devices with dry contact output: switches, buttons, motion sensors, leak detection sensors and others. This mode is not available for 9U controllers, so all devices are connected in direct connection mode

Important! By default, all inputs are configured in Optocoupler mode for Atom series controllers (3U and 6U).

Note: Before connecting any devices to the inputs of the Atom series controllers, we recommend that you read the table of characteristics of the input ports in the product catalogue or on our website.

Wiring diagrams

The wiring diagram of the devices to the inputs of the Atom controller (3U and 6U) is as follows:


The scheme of connection of devices to inputs of the Atom controller (9U) has a look:


Important! Input numbers and "common" pins are marked on the front of the controller. The "common" terminals are signed with the letter "G" and are connected to the "minus" power supply of the controller. All "common" contacts are interconnected, so when connecting switches with a multi-wire cable, it is sufficient to use only one connection to the "G" terminal.

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