Switching the input mode (optocoupler)

One of the key competitive advantages of Atom series controllers is the use of multifunctional input ports.
This solution provides the ability to connect to controller's inputs: switches, sensors with output type "dry contact" (normally open, normally closed) or "open collector", sensors with 1-wire interface (up to 20 sensors per 1 input), analog sensors (temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.)
Dangerous interferences can occur when using switches and digital (binary) sensors on long lines. Therefore, it is necessary to use additional input protection with optocoupler mode. By default, all inputs are configured in Optocoupler (OP) mode using jumpers.

Note: Protection of inputs in the form of optocouplers is implemented only in 3U and 6U series controllers. In 9U series controllers, only direct signal connection is implemented on the multifunctional inputs.

If analog sensors or a bus with 1-wire devices are connected to the input, the inputs must be reconfigured to direct connection mode. This requires:1. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the front panel of the controller;2. Remove the input indication board;3. In Atom N controllers it is possible to remove also the ESP board for convenience by unscrewing 4 small nuts.4. Switch the jumpers on the input board to the “DIR” or “OPT” position according to the desired mode of each of the inputs, as shown in the illustration:


Note: It is convenient to use thin tweezers to switch the jumpers.

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