DALI connection

A DALI interface has been developed to control many lighting devices. DALI (Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface) is a digital addressable lighting interface. It is currently an international communication protocol standard developed for intelligent lighting control systems.
The Barium controller is available in the Atom line to control DALI devices. Its DALI output can be connected to lamps, luminaires, power supplies, sensors and other devices running on this bus.
Up to 64 devices can be connected simultaneously, excluding DALI controllers (switches, sensors).
DALI is a two-wire bus that can be laid together with power lines, including inside a single cable, and the polarity of the connection does not matter. Limitation of the length of the line - 300 m with a cross section of 1.5 mm. As the cross section decreases, the maximum line length decreases proportionally.
Bus topology - any options except the ring. Terminal resistors are not required.

Connection topology


For the operation of the bus, in addition to the controller and subordinate devices, is required a specialized power supply. It provides the operating voltage of the bus (usually 16V), and the bus current is not higher than 250mA.
The setting in the mobile application involves the initialization of the bus - the controller polls the bus and prescribes addresses to connected devices. At this point, all the lighting devices that are connected to the bus turn off.
The next stage - select each device in turn (currently selected device will lit up for convenience), in the appropriate fields indicate individual names of lamps and rooms in which they are located.Each DALI device has an independent memory to which its settings are stored: address, participation in groups and scenarios.

Important! If the bus connects devices that were previously configured in another system - you must completely remove the DALI bus in the application and go through the full procedure of configuring all devices. This will remove all automations that have involved devices on the DALI bus.


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