Multifunctional inputs in Atom series controllers

Features of multifunctional inputs of controllers and their advantages

Among the advantages of multifunctional inputs of Atom series controllers should be noted the simplicity of their configuration and wide functionality. The inputs are easily configured to connect a variety of sensors (both analogue and digital), and the customer is thus able to choose the optimal configuration of the controller without overpaying for unused inputs.
To ensure the convenience and correct connection of the sensors, the controller inputs are numbered on the front panel. Universal inputs are implemented on a separate module-board, which is replaceable if necessary (in case of change of equipment or warranty case).

Important! The connectors with spring connections used at the inputs of the controller provide convenient and reliable connection of conductors with a cross-section up to 1.5 mm2. 

Types of inputs and their quantity depending on the modification of the controller

The types of inputs and their characteristics may differ depending on the model and modification of the Atom series controllers. It is convenient to use the summary table for correct selection of modification of the controller (see below).
Dangerous interference can occur on long lines when connecting end devices such as light switches. Atom series controllers use additional protection when interacting with end devices using optocouplers - "Optocoupler" mode. An input status indication is also available in optocoupler mode (for 3U and 6U).

Important! Modification N controllers differ from the base version in the presence of a set of wired and wireless communication interfaces (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). Also, these controllers have fewer universal inputs compared to the base version.

Table of input types for various modifications of Atom series controllers


Important! To select the optocoupler mode (for 3U and 6U), place the jumpers in the appropriate position. By default, all inputs are configured in optocoupler mode.


Important! When using interface sensors at the inputs, for 3U and 6U controllers, the "Optocoupler" mode should be turned off. For 9U controllers, “Optocoupler” mode is not available for the inputs.

Important! Input numbers and "common" pins are marked on the front of the controller. The "common" terminals are marked with the letter "G" and are connected to the "minus" of the power supply of the controller. All "common" contacts are interconnected, so when connecting switches with a multi-wire cable, it is sufficient to use only one connection to the "G" terminal.

Examples of connections to the controller’s multifunctional inputs

Currently, to connect to the multifunctional inputs of the controller are available: any devices with output type "dry contact", type "open collector", digital and analogue sensors, devices with 1-wire interface.

Important! Up to 20 sensors can be connected to the multifunctional input of a controller that supports the connection of sensors with a 1-wire interface.

All inputs are fairly easy to configure using the i3 Home mobile app. For configuration, simply select the input number, give it a name, and specify the sensor or device that is connected to it.

The wiring diagram of the devices connected to the inputs of the Atom controller


for Atom 3U and 6U


for Atom 9U

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