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First wired SMART HOME, that can be configured from your smartphone

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 Our automation solution

Our solution is an ecosystem with the ability to integrate a large number of different devices,
using the Atom Series controllers, which are configured and managed by the i3 Home mobile app.

Private houses

Residential complexes

Hotels, restaurants

Business centres, offices

Customised solutions


Here you will find information about various projects implemented by our certified partners. Contact our team of experts for detailed information and consultation on each project.


Apartment "Above the lake "


Industrial greenhouses


"Thermal Waters"


"BAO" Restaurant




Private Apartments


Smart home




"Chayki" Greenhouses


"Split" Club


"YARMICH" Boutique

Office i3Engineering

i3 Engineering Office

Atom series controllers

All automation works according to your rules

● Lighting (dimming, RGB, light scenes, automation,presence simulation)● HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)● Safety and Security (fire prevention, flood detection,motion detection, etc.)● Blinds & Shutters (automation, scenes)● Yard (garage doors, facade lighting, irrigation zones,sprinklers and drapers, rain detection, soil humidity)● Energy Consumption (consumption measurement,analytics, controlled sockets, reports)● Multimedia (create custom automations, synchronizemusic throughout your home, control Sonos speakerswith ease)● Cameras (Add cameras to the i3 Home app and follow "everyone" in Live mode)

controller seria Atom

Advantages of our controllers and the i3 Home app

We produce high-quality products, both software and hardware

Easy installation

Our controllers are mounted in a panel on a conventional DIN rail. The connection of our controllers does not require additional technical skills and can be done by an ordinary electrician.

Quick setup

The mobile app makes it easy to identify and configure devices. No laptop and no programming required. The controller configuration takesLess than 30 minutes.


Multifunctional inputs

Analogue (thermistor, photoresistor, etc.), digital (motion, light, switches, buttons, etc.), interface (1-Wire sensors)

Technology support

Modbus, DALI, 1-Wire, 0-10V, Ethernet + WiFi,Home Assistant, Matter, MQTT, Addressable LED strips, Sonos, RTSP cameras. Integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

Remote control

Remote control from your phone. Integrations with Home Asisstence, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit are available. Convenient web interface for setting up. No paid subscriptions or licences required.

Stable operation

Our solution is wired, allowing for instant command execution and stable operation without the internet. Real-time OS reduces and optimises command processing time and achieves instant controller response.


Benefits of partnership with i3 Engineering

Partnership with the manufacturer

Partnership directly with the manufacturer. This gives you a warranty on the equipment, a flexible system of discounts, the development of customised solutions, and protection against dumping.

High average cheque

The majority (67%) of users expand the functionality of their own home's Smart Home systems during the project approval process, taking into account the capabilities of the controllers.

Customised and unique conditions

Working with us, you will get the best price for our equipment, technical support and a monopoly opportunity to distribute our products in your country.

Education and training

We offer our integrators training at the
i3 Automation Academy, consultations, and documentation.

Join us as a exclusive distributor and explore new horizons for your financial success!