Atom Hydrogen BE
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Atom Hydrogen BE

ESP32 Version
STM32 Version
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The unique modular platform with 8 i3-flex slots for changeable modules allows you to modify the configuration of the device, both at the design stage and after many years of system operation. One Hydrogen can make “smart” up to 10 different devices or groups of devices.

Multifunctional ports (MFP):
- MFP with digital input
12: IN1-IN12
- MFP with ADC
6: IN1-IN6 for ESP32; 10: IN3-IN12 for STM32
- MFP with digital interfaces
4: IN1-IN2, IN7-IN8 for ESP32; 12: IN1-IN12 for STM32
- MFP with digital outputs
8: IN1-IN2, IN7-IN12 for ESP32; 12: IN1-IN12 for STM32
- Voltage range for MFP in optocoupler mode
0 - 5 V
- Voltage range for MFP in direct mode
0 - 3,3 V
- ADC bit for MFP in analog mode
12 bit

Ports 1-8
- Changable modules slots for 1-8 ports
- Types of changable modules supported for 1-8 ports
DCD, 10D, R, ACD, ACD+
- Dimming capability
Depanding on type of changable module

Ports 9-10
- Relay NO contacts
- Active load
5А 250V AC
- Max inrush current

- Additional features
Built-in energy meter 10A/230V

- Digital interfaces on MFP
1-Wire, USART, I2C on IN1-IN2, IN7-IN8 for ESP32; on IN1-IN12 for STM32
- Wireless interfaces
● WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2,4 GHz
● Bluetooth v4.2 BLE
● LoRa (only STM32)

- Device supply voltage (with protection against reverse polarity of supply voltage)
DC 9 - 48V
- Output voltage to power the sensors
3.3V (200mА), 5V (200mА)
- Consumption (max)

- Mounting type
DIN rail (DIN43880, EN 60715)
- Width
6 units
- Dimensions (H x W x L)
59 х 88 х 105 mm
- Flammability
UL 94 - V-0
- Relative temperature index
UL 746B - 95℃